Mandatory Testing and Quarantine in Selected Hotel Health Measures Took Effect for International Travelers Arriving in Canada


Travelers arriving at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport on Monday were confused as they entered a different world to which they are accustomed to as the health restrictions for international travelers arriving in Canada took effect.

In an attempt to accommodate the new rules, Canadian airports have been restructured to incorporate testing clinics. The rules require that international traveler arriving take the COVID-19 test on the site. They are then required to quarantine in selected hotels for three days while awaiting the results.

Some travelers arriving at the airport on Monday were confused and even questioned whether the measures were necessary. While waiting to be tested and book a hotel, the time spent while waiting to be tested was a lot, with some waited up to three hours.

However, some travelers had to cut their trips short of beating the deadline and avoiding expensive hotel stays. One specific couple was annoyed by the measures since they had to cut their stay in the Dominican Republic to avoid quarantining in a hotel.

Some of the travelers said that the restriction would only work to discourage people from traveling abroad. Land travelers are also required to get tested but to quarantine at home for ten days. A second test will be required after the quarantine period.


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