Mandatory Immunization Might Be Required For Other Quebec Groups Other Than Health Workers


Mandatory immunization was previously meant for health workers, but might now apply to other groups in Quebec.

The commission tasked with reviewing immunization mandate says it will sit next week to decide whether it will extend the immunization requirements to other groups that have prolonged contact with the public.

Negotiations regarding consultation, which started last Wednesday between opposition parties and the government, did not finalize Thursday. Based information obtained by local media, the talks are starting to make good progress.

If things pan out, the parliamentary commission in charge of mandate will take two days to reach a decision and is expected to take place on the 26th and 27th of August.

It is not yet clear why the government elected to expand the commission’s mandate to cover other groups other than those with direct contact with the public. Opposition thinks that this might include teachers, day care workers, and public servants.

Premier Legault said on October 1st that all those that work with patients and are in direct contact for at least 15 minutes will be required to receive two jabs for them to continue serving the public.

In the public sector, about 50000 persons have not been immunized.

Martin Ouellet, of the PQ, is concerned that this exercise might become a sham, especially because the government keeps placing refusal and obstacles. The PQ has asked for the Institut national de santé publique’s (INSPQ) take on this matter.


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