Manchester City’s Erling Haaland Graces Cover of Redesigned Football Simulator Game by EA Sports


The luminous world of football received a captivating surprise as Erling Haaland of Manchester City ascended the throne to become the first cover star of a new football simulator. For three consecutive decades, the revered title, Fifa, resonated as deeply in the sphere of gaming as it did on the actual football pitches. However, the turn of a new page begins.

Widely celebrated EA Sports FC, the fresh reimagining of the football simulator by Electronic Arts, is poised to launch its offering into the market this week. Leaving behind the cover of the football governing body following a monetary disagreement about the FIFA brand’s licensing cost, the game company begins its new journey.

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The renowned game has held the best-seller title in the UK since the glorious 1990s. Experts are astounded by the magnitude of the rebranding effort, touting it as a move that’s absolutely “unheard of.”

What’s more intriguing is that a few companies are brave enough to abandon their brand name and symbol when they’re clearly dominating the market. Ampere Analysis reports have shown that as of 2010, the Fifa video game franchise pulled in a staggering net revenue of $513m (£332m) for EA. Fast forward to 2020, and the figure had escalated to a whopping $2bn (£1.6bn).

Tossing aside the brand recognition gained over the years, EA embarks on a potentially substantial rebranding gamble, labeled widely as the most significant in entertainment history. Along the journey, the company encounters numerous challenges, especially with regard to maintaining authenticity while adjusting to the change.

Despite these concerns, the environment surrounding the game, including numerous genres of related content, keeps flourishing and thriving. The fan reactions upon the game’s launch are hugely instrumental in securing success for EA’s new endeavor.

Enhancing the gaming interface with extensive updates and new tactical choices, EA Sports FC 24 has been generally well-received by the gaming community, despite a few criticisms on the minor departures and changes in the game.

Despite all these alterations, there’s a consistent aspect that hasn’t waned over three decades, undeniably contributing to the series’ appeal – the authenticity, stemming from legitimate football licenses, from personalities to the invigorating feel of real kits and stadiums.

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