Man Involved In Double Homicide Suffered Mental Illness, Addiction, His Brother Says


Karlton Dean Reimer’s brother, the individual, entangled in a double homicide in the previous week in Lorette, Man., has come saying that his brother has suffered mental illness and drug addiction in the past, and more effort should have gone into helping him.

Local media has identified two people, Dennis and Bernadette Lidgett, as the victims of the double homicide. Both victims were in their 70s, and were known to be friendly and kind.

Reamer is currently looking at second-degree homicide charges in relation to their killing. Court documentation indicates that he has been on bail since September on charges of causing damage to property and being in possession of a stolen vehicle, a jeep in this case.

A copy of his release order processed on the 15th of September, 2020 says was scheduled for a session with a psychiatrist and should have been on medication. He was also required to take part in addiction treatment with the Addiction Foundation in Manitoba.

His brother Kris notes that Karlton is suffering from Schizophrenia, has struggled with addiction for quite a while now, is known to have violent outbursts.

In September last year, Crown lawyers had expressed their concern that he wasn’t taking his medication or addressing his drug addiction problem.

However, his brother adds that he feels that Karlton has not been on medication because of behavioral change and that he seemed odd when they last spoke.

The double murder was uncovered Thursday morning when police officers attached to St-Pierre-Jolys detachment responded to a call from River Road home at around 1:15 am. Someone had reported a disturbance, which police say was an ongoing break-in.

On arrival, they found a 73-year-old lady and 77-year-old man dead. They arrested a man after a short pursuit on foot along Highway 59.


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