ALERT: Man in car approaches elementary school student in Beaconsfield



By Rhonda Massad

Yesterday at 2:23 p.m. a Sherbrooke Academy Senior Elementary School student was approached by an older man with a short white beard driving a dark blue four-door sedan.

According to the student’s mother, who wished to remain anonymous, her daughter crossed the street in front of him onto Arlington. Sherbrooke Academy is located on Windermere Drive.

“He slowly drove close to her,” the mother said. “He made a “pst” sound three times, and she ignored him. To get her attention, he called out the car window and said ‘hey kid’.”

The child saw her mother’s car parked on the street and ran toward her vehicle and jumped in.

“My daughter does not want me to post anything myself as she feels embarrassed and guilty and does not want people talking about it to her or about her.”

The school and the police have been notified.

“I felt the community should be aware of this incident,” she reported.


  1. The daughter feels guilty and embarrassed?
    Of what?
    If what’s written above is fact, there’s absolutely nothing to feel guilty or embarrassed about.
    Actually, I wish mom would have a talk with daughter about how this is not her fault and encourage her to share her story to raise awareness to her peers.
    Afraid “shielding” her only reinforces her feeling ashamed…

  2. Tell the kids what i say – If you feel threatened. Yell your head off right away. HELP. It always works. The matter will quickly be settled that way. Cops will be on the scene in no time flat. I have faith in that.


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