Man Critically Wounded in Tense Police Encounter in Logan Central


In a tense encounter on Wednesday in Logan Central, south of Brisbane, a man’s life hangs in the balance, following an altercation with police which escalated to allegedly life-threatening threats against the officers. Subsequently, the 40-year-old man was left critically wounded by a police projectile.

According to Queensland Police, the confrontation occurred around 1pm when the man threatened attending officers, prompting them to discharge a firearm. On-site medical intervention was immediate, with first aid and CPR provided before he was transported to Princess Alexandra Hospital where he is currently admitted with critical injuries.

The department’s Ethical Standards Command has launched an investigation into the incident, cautioning against speculations whilst confirming to withhold further information during the ongoing process.

Eyewitness accounts underline the sensitivity of the event, which allegedly took place at the intersection of Croydon Road and Blackwood Roads. Disturbing footage from the scene displays a desperate bid by emergency service workers to foil impending tragedy, their efforts audibly underscored by wailing sirens.

An eyewitness speaking to ‘The Courier Mail’ described the scene as highly emotional. He recounted seismic waves of cries and screams, piercing the air, whilst one social media post claimed that the man had been shot thrice.

The vicinity of the incident site to Logan Central Childcare sent a wave of alarm through parents, with many recounting feelings of anxiety and fear. One parent was quoted saying “It’s very worrying. My kids were nearby”, upon retrieving his two children post the intense episode.

Images from the remoteness of this quiet, suburban street now bear an unsettling starkness, its tranquility replaced by scattered litter and a prominent police presence. Markings of police tape now identify it as a crime scene.

Multiple ambulance crews were dispatched to the scene, confirmed a Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman at around 1.10pm. The injured male was hurriedly rushed to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a life-threatening condition, where his current status is reported to be critical but stable. He has since been transferred to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.


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