Man Apprehended for Trespassing, Attempted Theft at Royal Mews


The esteemed Royal Mews, adjoining Buckingham Palace, houses the imperial royal carriages title and was recently the site of an unlawful intrusion. Awad Rovalino, a 25-year-old man of no fixed residence, has been apprehended and charged with trespassing into this renowned and protected site.

The arrest took place at approximately 01:25 BST on a quiet Saturday. Law enforcement officers attached to Buckingham Palace swiftly acted upon receiving notification of an individual audaciously ascending the wall and breaching the boundary of the Royal Mews, as reported by The Met.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court was to host Mr. Rovalino’s court appearance subsequent to the incident. In addition to the grave offense of trespassing, he was further accused of attempting theft from a motor vehicle. The force is keen to apply the full weight of the law on such violations to deter potential repeat occurrences. The distinct severity of the charges underlines the firm commitment to preserving the sanctity and security of our prestigious national landmarks.


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