Man Accused of Forcing Victim to Self-Mutilate in Brutal Home Invasion


Jayden Daniel Sobey, a 32-year-old man, faces severe charges as he allegedly forced another man to mutilate himself with a knife during a brutal home invasion. Sobey has made clear his intent to contest the serious accusations. He stands accused on one count each of causing grievous bodily harm, subjecting to torture, unlawfully detaining, and robbery.

The police will assert in court that Sobey, along with two other men, forcibly entered a residence at Mermaid Beach on September 7, 2020. Inside, a 35-year-old man became their victim, who they allegedly assaulted with punches and kicks.

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The accused group, reportedly armed with knives, sifted through the man’s property, stealing a cell phone and $200 in cash. The assailants then purportedly coerced the man to sit on the couch where a chilling command was given, rudely demanding the man self-mutilate with the handed serrated blade.

Court proceedings will reveal that the man followed this horrifying order, attempting to sever a small part of his penis. The insufficient sharpness of the blade led him to use his mobile phone as a makeshift hammer.

Court documents recount the severity of the allegations, suggesting both the accused and the victim bear some responsibility for the resulting injury.

Sobey, currently out on bail, declined to plead to any of the four allegations during Wednesday’s hearing. Shannon Fletcher, Sobey’s attorney, informed the court of their intentions to dispute the charges. Magistrate Joan White scheduled the case to proceed in the Southport District Court, although a trial date is yet to be assigned.

It’s important to note that Sobey’s two presumed accomplices have already been committed to the higher court. In unrelated occurrences, Sobey pleaded guilty and received 12-month probation relating to driving under the influence of drugs, possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia. However, no convictions have been officially recorded.