Mamadi Camara Sues Montreal Police, Seeks $1.2m For Wrongful Detention


Montrealer who was placed under arrest wrongfully is suing the police and has asked for $1.2 as reparation.

The suit was made on behalf of the Montrealer, Mamadi Camara, wife, four family members and his neighbors at their current home address.

His statement of claim notes evidence exists that a Montreal Police officer arrest the lot and had them profiled in racial ways. The suit also says the officer wrongfully accused Camara of using his mobile phone wile on the wheel, and that the officer placed his boots on his head during the arrest.

During a traffic stop dated 28th of January, an eye witness noted that it was someone else who got hold of the officer’s firearm and discharged it before the officer, Sanjay Vig, took off. Vig said the main I question is Mamadi Camara, which is why he was arrested held for nearly a week.

However, in June, police investigation, based on a DNA, led to the arrest of Ali Ngarukiye, aged 21, in Toronto. Ngarukiye is facing a number of charged including attempted murder, disarming an officer, and intentionally discharging a prohibited firearm.

Camara was cleared of the crime. He was targeted for the crime because of race, and the officer acted in haste, the lawsuit read in part.

The 31-year-old PhD student lost his job and also suffered irreparable harm during the ordeal, the lawsuit said.

The court has not been able to test any of the allegations.

Last February, police issued a formal apology to Camara after he was cleared.
His family is part of the suit since they were questioned on many instances in the days that followed Camara’s arrest. His wife, who was pregnant with twins at the time, said she suffered server stress because she could not talk to her husband. She noted that all she had was newspapers saying that he had be charged with attempted murder.


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