Majority of Telecom Companies Fail Commerce Commission Evaluation


In an unprecedented evaluation by the Commerce Commission, the majority of telecommunications companies have seemingly failed to deliver in virtually all key categories. This scrutiny of customer service quality in the telecom industry has stirred a significant amount of conversation and speculation.

In a bid to answer the pervasive industry question of which phone companies are predominantly exceptional or inadequate when it comes to customer service, the Commerce Commission has forged ahead with its innovative maiden “customer service league tables”. This designation was bestowed by none other than Telecommunications Commissioner Tristan Gilbertson himself.

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Gilbertson affirms this initiative primarily serves consumers who find themselves in the market for a new telecommunications service provider. This comprehensive assessment and subsequent ranking system are expected to provide much-needed clarity and direction for potential clientele. It is hoped that consumers will be able to make informed decisions based on the provided league tables and navigate the often-overwhelming landscape of telecommunications services with relative ease.