Major Acquisition and Permanent Protection of Angell Woods


$14M Spent by the Montreal Agglomeration in Beaconsfield

The mayor of Beaconsfield, Georges Bourelle, and Council confirmed today that an immense 78,500-square-metre plot in the Angell Woods has been purchased by the Montreal Agglomeration for use as a park.

A forest of 180,647 square metres – the equivalent of 35 football fields – was purchased in the amount of 14 million dollars by the City of Montreal.

“It is a source of pride for all of us and the result of continued, hard work for the benefit of Beaconsfield citizens that contributes to sustainable development and quality of life. This is the second most important purchase that the Agglomeration has made in three years in Beaconsfield,” the mayor of Beaconsfield was pleased to announce.

This transaction confirms the expansion of the magnificent Anse-à-l’Orme Park for the residents of the greater metropolitan area, the West Island and Beaconsfield.

“It permanently protects a high-quality green space where our citizens can regularly go to stroll and enjoy open-air recreation. It also contributes to protecting air quality and the plants and wildlife found there, which include several rare species,” Mr. Bourelle added.

In line with this goal, in 2015, the City of Beaconsfield had the Montreal Agglomeration purchase the Marian Hall plot, also in the Angell Woods with a surface area of 78,500 square metres, for 3.5 million dollars.

“It is truly exceptional that, in under three years, the elected officials and City administration working together succeeded in obtaining nearly 20 million dollars in investments to purchase private land for public purposes with a goal of sustainable development, for current and future generations,” the Mayor proudly stated.

The purchase of the plot by Seda eloquently attests to the permanent protection of Angell Woods and creates an exceptional environment and great access to a metropolitan nature park right in our City for recreation and environmental protection.

Permanent Public Reserve
The protection of green spaces is essential in urban areas but requires significant expenditures, both on the part of the owners who hand over their land for public use, and in terms of our citizens’ ability to pay.

Protecting forests to make green spaces is a double financial commitment for cities because, in addition to purchasing sites and maintaining them, public administrations are foregoing development of those sites and the tax revenue they would generate.

“That shows the significance of this commitment. For Beaconsfield, the intervention of the Montreal Agglomeration is all the more appreciated because such a purchase would have been financially difficult, even impossible. From a regional perspective, the Agglomeration is proving its value, for the benefit of all,” Mr. Bourelle concluded.

Mayor Bourelle and Beaconsfield Council would like to thank the mayor of the City of Montreal, Valérie Plante, the members of the executive committee and particularly the mayor of the Plateau-Mont-Royal district and the executive committee member responsible for large parks, green spaces and large projects, Luc Ferrandez, for this exceptional commitment to the metropolitan region, the West Island and Beaconsfield.


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