Macau Gaming Resurgence Nears Pre-Pandemic Highs


Macau’s gaming industry is poised for another year of revival following last year’s impressive 334% surge, propelling revenue to approximately two-thirds of the pre-pandemic levels recorded in 2019. The territory’s casinos generated a remarkable $22.7 billion in gross gaming revenue (GGR) in the recent fiscal period, predominantly bolstered by a strong rebound in the mass market sector. Despite this resurgence, the diminished VIP play continues to loom over Macau’s financial recovery, dimming the luster of its once-glistening revenue streams.

Amidst ongoing efforts to recover from the pandemic’s disruption, Macau is concurrently navigating a transformative era in its storied casino sector. The age when junket operators courted affluent VIPs has dwindled, following a stringent crackdown by Beijing on these intermediaries—a tactical shift epitomized by the prosecution and subsequent 18-year imprisonment of Suncity Group tycoon Alvin Chau.

Striving to widen its appeal far beyond the gambling tables, Macau’s sextet of gaming titans is channeling investment into a cornucopia of non-gaming amenities. The reissue of a decade’s worth of gaming licenses last December came with the caveat that an aggregate of $13.5 billion be plowed into diverse developments. That figure has since surged to $18 billion, in light of a 20% increase in non-gaming investment commitments post-2023.

Looking forward to 2024, industry connoisseurs forecast a burgeoning recovery, with GGR expected to crest at 82% of the zenith achieved in 2019. Analysts at CLSA Limited anticipate the casinos’ windfall for the coming year to hover around $29.8 billion, registering a year-on-year growth exceeding 30%. Despite a sluggish start to 2023—hampered by labor shortages and limited transport capacity—there is a palpable buzz as Macau preps for an uptick in tourism, especially during signature holidays like the imminent Chinese New Year and other nationally celebrated breaks.

Yet, for this gaming renaissance to fully materialize, Macau must successfully lure new visitors and inspire them to indulge in the pastime of mass-market gaming. Analysts at Nomura took a measured stance, tempered by prevailing economic conditions and currency fluctuations that may deter potential tourists. Notwithstanding the noted resurgence with visitor numbers quadrupling those of the previous year, Macau’s tourism is still striving to eclipse the zenith of 2019.

Comparatively, the city fares better than its ASEAN peers, with travel from China to various Southeast Asian nations lingering at below 60% of their former glory days. While Macau looks to reclaim its throne as a premier gambling destination, a different gaming experience is burgeoning in the virtual realm.

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