Macau Casinos Thrive Post-Zero-COVID Era


Macau is witnessing a silver lining as it emerges from the strict tendrils of China’s erstwhile “zero-COVID” policy, which effectively paralyzed the region’s economic heavyweights—its casinos. Gone are the shadows of the restrictive lockdowns as the city breathes new life into its gaming and tourism sectors.

The indisputable resurgence is marked by a tangible buzz around Macau’s glittering casinos, which are no longer silent monoliths but vibrant hubs of activity. With the easing of cross-border restrictions, the welcome mat has been unfurled for travelers and high rollers alike, heralding a promising shift for the Special Administrative Region famed for its gaming industry prowess.

Macau’s gaming juggernauts—including industry titans like Sands, Galaxy, Wynn, MGM, SJM, and Melco—have witnessed a commendable turnaround with gross gaming revenue (GGR) for the year teetering at the MOP148.5 billion mark, equivalent to an approximated $18.47 billion. Although this jump signifies a momentous 316% increase from the previous year, it also casts a subtle light on the journey ahead, as these figures still lag 40% behind the golden year of 2019.

The Macau administration is not resting on its laurels with this newfound recovery. In a strategic move reminiscent of Las Vegas, the city is pushing for its casinos to diversify and broaden their horizons beyond mere gaming. This strategy is cemented by an understanding which sees the six casino operators pledging to inject around $13.5 billion into expansive nongaming projects that promise to redefine the city’s tourism landscape.

This commitment stands on the precipice of escalation. Should the casinos’ annual winnings breach the MOP180 billion threshold, an additional 20%—or $4.48 billion—is expected to flood into non-gaming sectors. Yet, in a candid dialogue with the press, Macau’s Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng has tempered expectations, suggesting that this benchmark may be just beyond reach for the current year.

Despite Ho’s cautious forecasts, an air of optimism persists as the city’s recovery ride scales upwards with more recent monthly figures pointing towards a promising trend, punctuated by an impressive $2.42 billion GGR in October alone.

As for the individual breakdown, the nongaming investment quotas reflect the casinos’ market shares, with Sands China at the forefront and different operators following in stringent accordance. While proposals from these giants are being meticulously vetted by the governance, what remains unquestionable is the ushering in of a new era in Macau’s illustrious history—the epoch of diverse tourism and entertainment.

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