Luxor Technology Corporation Enter into Agreement with CCU to Improve Cryptocurrency Mining Operations in Quebec


Canada Computational Unlimited Inc (, an artificial intelligence firm operating in Quebec, has agreed with Luxor Technology Corporation to cooperate on hashrate liquidation. In this corporation, Luxor will use the available mining pool to maximize the value of operations.

Romain Nouzareth, CEO and Co-Founder expressed Luxor’s dedication to assisting the cryptocurrency mining process to be more energy efficient. has been pursuing an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining process. The availability of renewable energy in Quebec has this endeavor feasible. The company has also recently signed an agreement with Capricon (TSXV: CAK.H) with an aim to more carbon-neutral sources of energy. was established on 16 November 2017 under the Business Corporations Act of Quebec. Since its inception, the company has operated high-density computation centers for high c=grade cryptocurrency mining. The company also utilizes fintech infrastructures located in the city of Joliette in Quebec. contracted Hydro-Joliette in 2018 to purchase 20 MW of hydroelectrical to power the mining. The company currently uses 2.5MW to produce 32 PH/s of Bitcoin mining power and 6 GH/s Ethereum mining power. Since its creation, has mined 421 Bitcoin. The company is also ready to host new cryptocurrency mining rigs.


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