Lucky Streak at Spokane Grocery Store Grants Three Jackpot Wins in a Week


Tucked in the scenic Spokane Valley of Washington State lies an ordinary grocery store that carries your everyday must-haves — fresh produce, flowers, pharmaceutical goods, and alcohol. But for a trio of recent patrons, Yoke’s Fresh Market has provided something far from ordinary: a life-changing financial windfall.

In a streak that would put the heaviest of Vegas hot streaks to shame, the Yoke’s Fresh Market store nestled in the Argonne Village shopping center on 9329 E. Montgomery Avenue has sold not one, not two, but three jackpot-winning lottery tickets in just over a week’s time.

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Revealed by the state’s official lottery body, the Washington Lottery, the run started on April 17 when a resident from neighboring Newman Lake struck gold purchasing Washington Lottery gameplay from Yoke’s and earning for themselves a staggering $4.6 million Lotto jackpot. This grand prize supplied the market with a hefty $46,000 commission for simply selling the winning ticket.

Yet, Lady Luck wasn’t ready to pack up and leave Spokane Valley just yet. Shortly following, the Washington Lottery has reported two more major upheavals of luck at the quaint grocery market.

Firstly, a player landed a Hit 5 ticket payout of $165,000, followed soon after by a successful Powerball player who claimed the third-best prize possible, a neat $50,000. Though, in true Yoke’s fashion, the winnings were anything but standard with the player having the foresight to purchase an optional $1 Powerplay add-on. Embracing the supermarket’s lucky streak, the 4x multiplier was drawn and the ticket holder walked away four times richer with a $200,000 prize.

Though it may appear a lucky anomaly, having physical locations such as Yoke’s, is crucial for the Washington Lottery as they do not operate online games and tickets must, therefore, be purchased in-person from a licensed lottery retailer. The state benefits greatly from the Lottery, too, using the money gathered to fund early childhood education, vocational programs, and economic development. Moreover, small businesses like Yoke’s gain from increased traffic.

With a growing list of remunerations, earning from Scratch and Draw game sales and winning ticket bonuses, Yoke’s management has shared plans with the Washington Lottery to throw a staff celebration with their $46,000 commission, a fitting reward for an employee-owned supermarket chain.

This streak of luck has inevitably caught the attention of superstitious lottery players, who may soon flock to the grocery store in hopes that its winning streak continues. With 20 branches across Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and currently staffed by around 1,000 employees, the supermarket chain may suddenly find itself a hot ticket destination on many a lottery player’s maps.

An unsolicited advisory from the Washington Lottery soon followed Yoke’s lucky run: they urged players to check their tickets, with $1.7 million in unclaimed prizes set to expire. Among these overlooked fortunes is a Hit 5 ticket worth $440,000, redeemable until May 21.

The Washington Lottery encourages players to claim their prizes within 180 days from the drawing date. Winners of prizes over $100,000 are advised to contact their nearest lottery office to schedule a secure in-person redemption. A warning, and a fitting denouement to Yoke’s run of over-the-top winnings, imploring players: you have to be in it to win it.