Lucky Bucks Accuses Ex-Employees of $200M Fraud


In a dramatic twist to a corporate downfall narrative, a RICO lawsuit lodged by the restructured management of Lucky Bucks—an eminent slot machine company based in Georgia—alleges a deliberate plundering of the company’s assets by former employees. According to the details laid out in last Thursday’s legal filing, an intricate web involving ten individuals and a cluster of connected enterprises is accused of methodically extracting approximately $200 million from Lucky Bucks in the lead-up to its financial implosion last year.

Lucky Bucks, a familiar name in Georgia’s gaming scene, once operated a notable network of 2,300 gaming terminals across 345 locations. However, these machines were distinguished from the quintessential Las Vegas slots, existing in a unique category known as “COAMS” (coin-operated amusement machines). Primarily skill-oriented, these machines offered winners lottery tickets or vouchers as rewards, rather than cash payouts.

The crisis ripened in June 2023 when Lucky Bucks sought refuge in a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, grappling with a staggering debt load in excess of $500 million. A concoction of perils, including heightened rivalries, soaring interest rates, a dwindling consumer interest in slot machines amid adverse economic currents, and an intensifying regulatory clampdown on the COAM trade in Georgia, were tabled as reasons for the nosedive.

Ultimately, Lucky Bucks was salvaged and reimagined under the wing of its chief lenders, emerging as Arc Gaming and Technologies. In this rebirth, its chapter 11 plan received the nod of approval from a Delaware bankruptcy court in the summers of yesteryear.

Despite this transition, the reformed entity’s legal action asserts that Anil Damani, the company’s erstwhile founder and owner, alongside his core team, orchestrated a shrewd plan to solicit massive loans only to redistribute the funds within their ranks.

As per the accusation, Damani, who was barred from company engagement by state regulators in June 2020, deployed various deceptive strategies including reallocating contracts at inflated rates and systematically stripping and selling machines.

In a scramble to hide these maneuvers, the plaintiffs allege that encrypted messaging and the erasure of company records were tools of choice among the defendants. This purported scheme was gradually unearthed through diligent analyses of IT systems and insightful interactions with current employees by the new management’s investigative unit.

However, in the defense corner, Damani’s attorney, Scott R. Grubman, has aggressively dismissed the legal onslaught as unfounded, exalting his client as a revered business figure and community stalwart. Firm in his client’s defense, Grubman is confident in disproving the claims where it matters: in the courts of justice.

As the legal battle commences, stakeholders and onlookers alike will keenly monitor the unfolding events surrounding the Fortune’s Wheel of this once-thriving slot machine enterprise. In the game of chance and strategy that is the casino world, whether physical or digital, the allure of these gaming practices persists. With the changing tides, many enthusiasts now turn their attention to the convenience and accessibility of online casino experiences.

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