The 2021 edition of the Laval Police Department’s dog handler calendar, which benefits the Martin-Matte Foundation, is now available. Offered for only $5, the funds raised help fund leisure and respite activities for people living with a head injury.

“We are very proud to launch this new edition of the dog handler calendar today. Stuffed with magnificent photos of the Cynophile squad dogs, the purchase of this calendar helps offer a better future to victims of head trauma and their families. This is all the more true this year, due to the situation related to COVID-19, which prevented the Foundation from carrying out several fundraising activities. We invite the population to obtain it in large numbers and thus make a difference for those in need,” said the director of the Laval Police Department, Mr. Pierre Brochet.

An association for more than a decade

The SPL has been associated with this cause since the death of the dog handler Éric Lavoie, following a head trauma. He was injured in a traffic accident while answering an emergency call. Every day, ten Quebecers lose their autonomy as a result of a head trauma, at least half of which is related to a road accident. The calendars are available now at the Gendarmerie (Valérie-Gignac building – 3225, boulevard Saint-Martin Est ), at the neighborhood police stations and at the headquarters of the Service de police de Laval ( 2911, boulevard Chomedey ). It is also possible to obtain it online on the Martin-Matte Foundation website at



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