Lotto Love: Ottawa and Trenton Couples Win Millions in Jackpot Sweepstakes


Luck has long been a fickle ally to those who pursue her, often bending time in seemingly endless quests to strike that elusive jackpot. Yet, for two fortunate couples from Ottawa and Trenton, Ontario, Lady Luck has not just winked but lavished them with a fortune beyond their wildest dreams.

Donna Rathwell and Norman Hewitt, a couple from Kanata, Ottawa, have recently thrust themselves into the undulating life of the nouveau riche after winning the Lotto 6/49 Classic Jackpot on the March 20th draw. Claiming a staggering $5 million prize, the couple has overhauled their existence from ordinary to exceptional overnight.

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An interesting facet of the euphoric tale is that Rathwell and Hewitt have been unified in playing the lottery for more than three decades. Yet, they harbored contrasting philosophies about the possibility of their winning,” Norm never believed we would win, but I always told him, we have to have hope!” Rathwell enthusiastically shared.

Hewitt recalls the moment of stupefaction when they unearthed the news of their colossal win, “I received the life-changing email and was in shock! I had to go down to a retail location to verify all the zeros I was seeing! Could this be real?” The jubilant couple collected their fantastic fortune in Toronto, marinating in their victory and discussing tentative plans for future travel and nourishing their family and loved ones.

While Rathwell and Hewitt were celebrating their newfound affluence, another stroke of good fortune was being uncovered further south, in Trenton, Ontario. Timothy Annett, a typical material handler, found himself thrust into the limelight when he discovered he was the winner of the “Ontario Jackpot” of $1,032,525 in the Lottario draw of April 13th.

Annett, who admits to buying Lottario tickets only when the jackpot is high, uncharacteristically decided against attempting another round at Lady Luck on that fateful day. He shared, “I considered picking up a Lottario ticket while at the store but decided against it because I noticed the jackpot had recently been won.”

But chance had etched a different course, and as he went back to his car, he realized he already had a ticket in his central console. Scanning it with the OLG app, Annett found himself caught in a whirlwind of disbelief, his ordinary life eclipsed by an extraordinary reward that awaited him inside his forgotten ticket.

With their worlds spun on their axes, Rathwell, Hewitt, and Annett find their lives infinitely magnified with the prospects of globetrotting, providing for their loved ones and, in Annett’s case, acquiring a house. In these turbulent times, where each day comes with its shares of trials and tribulations, their tale serves as a gentle reminder of the existence of Lady Luck and her elusive, yet life-transforming winks.