Lotto 6-49 Gold Ball Jackpot Soars to Stunning $64 Million, Nearing Historic Highs


Excitement is building across the country as the Lotto 6-49 Gold Ball jackpot hits an extraordinary $64 million for the Wednesday, June 12 draw, taking it one step closer to its staggering peak of potential winnings.

The Gold Ball, one of two thrilling top-tier prizes in the popular Lotto 6-49, is edging precipitously towards its cap, just two balls short of the maximum payout. This occurs in a dramatic procession where each white ball’s exit from the game nudges the Gold Ball jackpot closer to the greatest possible yield.

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The first top-tier draw in Lotto 6-49 is the Classic. Here, players diligently pick six numbers from a pool ranging from one to 49. The enticing pot for the lucky player or players who manage to choose the correct numbers is an impressive $5 million. Naturally, the more players who guess the winning sequence, the more the prize is shared among the victors.

Equally – if not more – exciting is the second top-tier draw, aptly named the Gold Ball jackpot. How does it work? It operates on the simple principle of drawing one lottery ticket from the pool of players. The player’s fortune is then determined by the color of the ball drawn – white leads to a cool $1 million, while landing the gold brings home the grand Gold Ball jackpot.

Each round of the game commences with a selection of 30 balls, 29 of which are white and one which is enticingly gold, accompanying a jaw-dropping Gold Ball jackpot which begins its climb at $10 million. Each white ball win entails a $1 million prize for the victor, and an additional $2 million added to the enticing Gold Ball jackpot, while also making the odds of striking gold slightly more favorable by removing one white ball from the pool. Once the gold ball is finally drawn, the game masterfully resets, re-introducing the full contingency of 30 balls and resetting the Gold Ball jackpot to its starting point.

As we approach the June 12 draw, the ball pool has whittled down to three balls – two white and one gold. This is a particularly significant event as the Gold Ball draw has not exceeded $64 million since way back in September 2023. With just the gold ball remaining undrawn, the prize money has the potential to rocket to an astonishing $68 million.

Drawings for the Lotto 6-49 occur twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Enthusiasts interested in further details are reminded that more in-depth information is readily available on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. website.