Looming Rate Cuts to Ignite Bitcoin Surge, Analyst Predicts Ahead of CPI Data Release


As the curtains of July lifted, the Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency market has not strutted boldly into the limelight of bullishness as investors had hoped. This formidable disappointment may be tethered to a hodgepodge of unexpected developments such as the delayed debut of Spot Ethereum ETFs initially slated for July 2nd. Additionally, the US and German governments’ vast-selling endeavors of Bitcoin piles have made noticeable ripples in the market.

However, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and so does this tale of the crypto-market. The winds of change could very well be surrendering to the sails of Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency as the publication of the CPI data nears its scheduled reveal on July 11.

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Veteran crypto analyst CrypNuevo didn’t miss a beat in expressing his musings regarding the probable trajectory of Bitcoin’s market price. In a recent update through X, the alter ego of Twitter, the seasoned analyst set his sights on the forthcoming release of CPI data, resting his hope on a potential interest rate cut.

In the context of the anticipation of Joshua’s trumpet that is the CPI data, a reduction in inflation rates could be on the horizon. Such a development would signal the green light for an immediate or subsequent rate cut from the Federal Reserve, a speculation drawn from the cloudy waters of crypto currents. Historically, a parallel can be drawn where such rate cuts have proven beneficial for Bitcoin prices.

Few can resist the allure of rate cuts, and Bitcoin traders are no exception. According to CrypNuevo, an announcement of a reduced rate or its potential would be a shimmering beacon to those navigating the choppy seas of the crypto market. Equipped with the prospect of such a development, the cryptomarket could forge a pathway analogous to a bullish stampede in stocks.

Pinning their hopes on a potential twist of events, CrypNuevo foresees a possible price surge if CPI figures emerge favorably on the aforementioned Thursday. During this analysis, CrypNuevo broke down the Bitcoin 1-Day chart, which yielded noteworthy results.

A curious wick at the $53,400 mark caught the analyst’s attention. This was a notable sight, but to CrypNuevo, it didn’t mean curtains for Bitcoin prices. He proposed a hypothetical fifty percent wick fill, already realized when the price tumbled to $54,000 the past weekend.

Venturing into the realm of absolute wick filling, this steep dive wouldn’t be the unanticipated end to Bitcoin’s valiant efforts. Instead, the price bounce could ring in the next act of its eventful performance. Nevertheless, should the wick be filled in its entirety and the price proceeds to topple, a silver lining lies in wait.

A foreseen lower limit of $51,700 could hold steady as a formidable barrier, guarding Bitcoin prices from plunging into oblivion. If successful in this defensive act, a bounce back to the $60,000 mark would be in the cards. However, CrypNuevo warns that this mark now towers as a formidable opponent – a resistance level for Bitcoin’s continued rally.