Longueuil Double Murder: Son Accused of Killing Mother, Grandmother Amid Mental Health Struggles


Accused of the death of two women in Longueuil, 30-year-old Michael Lominy faced charges of second-degree murder in courtroom proceedings Thursday. The deceased women were found to be his mother, 67-year-old Marguerite Lominy, and his 84-year-old grandmother, Marie Lamercie-Lefebvre.

Longueuil police have confirmed the familial ties between Lominy and the victims. Residents in the vicinity heard frequent quarrels emanating from the apartment. It has come to light that Lominy struggled with mental health disorders, a fact well within the knowledge of local enforcement officials.

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Late Wednesday evening led to the grim discovery of the lifeless bodies of the two women inside Lominy family’s dwelling on Des Ormeaux Boulevard. Lominy was promptly taken into custody.

Amidst the shocking revelation and charges, the presiding judge demanded an in-depth psychiatric assessment of Lominy at the Philippe-Pinel Institute, a Montreal psychiatric hospital. The five-day evaluation is set to conclude whether he is mentally capable of appearing in court or not.

Scrutiny of his criminal conduct over the past two years reveals charges linked to mischief, theft and assault. According to Christiane Lacelle, a close associate of Marguerite Lominy, such behaviours did not hide the fact that Lominy was mentally unstable, but the severity of his potential actions remained undetected.

Christiane further revealed Marguerite’s struggles to get her son on track with his prescribed medication, a plea Lominy constantly denied. This sheds light on a tragic tale of a mother’s unconditional love and a troubled child unwilling to seek help.

With a heavy heart, Lacelle expressed her deep sense of loss and fond memories of Marguerite, a woman of good cheer and zest for life.

The tragedy continues to unravel as Lominy is slated to appear in court on October 3rd.