Lone Gunman Terrorizes Rotterdam: Three Dead in Horrific Spree


In the bustling Dutch port city of Rotterdam, an isolated event of violent brutality unfolded on Thursday as a lone gunman, donned in a bulletproof vest, mercilessly unleashed a hail of gunfire. The unflinching assailant’s atrocious spree, concentrated in an apartment and a hospital, snuffed out the lives of three innocent individuals, including a young girl of merely 14, according to the local law enforcement authorities.

The hostile torrent sent shockwaves of fear through the corridors of downtown Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Center. The unanticipated onslaught prompted those within the hospital to flee; some patients and their caregivers were seen frantically being wheeled away in beds, whereas others sealed themselves within rooms, resorting to makeshift signs displayed across windows, signifying their concealment to those beyond the viewport.

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Police Chief Fred Westerbeke relayed to the press that the apprehended perpetrator was a 32-year-old university student hailing from Rotterdam itself. Upon capture at the hospital, he was found to possess a firearm. The name of the suspect remains undisclosed due to privacy guidelines and the motive behind these heinous acts is yet under comprehensive investigation.

According to Westerbeke, the perpetrator’s grim narrative began at an apartment in his residential neighbourhood where he heinously ended the life of a 39-year-old woman and left her 14-year-old daughter with severe injuries wounding her fatally. His deed didn’t end here. Consequently, he intruded into the nearby Erasmus Medical Center, where, gunning down a 43-year-old academic professional, he broadened his web of death. His actions grew further dark as he also set off fires at both vicinities.

Details of the victims remain unspecified as per protocol. Fred Westerbeke noted that the suspect is being co-operative during the police’s enquiry proceedings. “It was a somber day,” remarked Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, reflecting on the horrific events.

The onerous tragedy resonated with the Dutch royals, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, who took to social media to express their condolences. The regal duo penned their solidarity with the families of the victims and acknowledged the fear the citizens endured.

Despite the chaos, the Erasmus Medical Center resumed its services swiftly. Reiterating its commitment to healthcare, it assured that appointments slated for Friday would proceed as decided.

The vibrant city of Rotterdam has remained a theater for numerous minor explosions at homes and establishments in the recent past, often accredited to the local drug syndicates in constant tussle, but there was no immediate indication linking Thursday’s bloodshed to this confrontation.