London Murder-Suicide Under Investigation, Late Daughter Remembered by Grieving Mother


A somber investigation by the London Police Service and the Coroners Office is currently underway regarding a tragic incident that claimed two lives last week in a west-end London apartment.

On September 7, officers arrived on the scene at a residence in the 500-block of Proudfoot Lane, where two bodies were discovered. One of the victims was identified as Tiffany Gates, a lovely 30-year old woman whose life ended abruptly within her sixth-floor unit. Describing her heartbreaking ordeal at the identification of her lost daughter, Linda Davidson could only express how beautiful Tiffany looked, as though she were merely caught in tranquil sleep.

Post-mortem analyses have since concluded, confirming the sorrowful cause of death: both individuals succumbed to gunshot wounds. Alongside the bodies, investigators found a discarded firearm, weaving a more complete narrative of the last moments within these walls.

With the assistance of the Chief Coroner’s Office, investigators persist in their quest to comprehend the course of events leading to these morose outcomes. Davidson, decimated by the loss of her daughter, is of the belief that Tiffany’s life was snuffed out by her boyfriend, Chris Charlton, before he directed the deadly weapon upon himself.

In the weeks leading up to the distressing incident, Davidson recounted a foreboding sensation, a gut feeling of impending dread. She even shared a text message sent to Tiffany back in June, laden with concern for the latter’s safety and a plea for her to return home. Davidson accused Charlton of being domineering, preventing Tiffany from heeding her mother’s call.

A friend of Tiffany’s revealed the last contact she had with the deceased. She told of a video message sent by Tiffany on the evening of September 5, showing her ordering pizza, following which her communications ceased. Alarmed by her friend’s sudden lack of contact and failure to show up to work, she decided to check on her, only to witness the lingering evidence of untouched pizza outside the apartment door.

Davidson described her daughter as a soft-hearted soul yearning for love. She was originally from Niagara Falls, having moved to London in 2013 to attend Fanshawe College.

In her memory, a celebration of Tiffany’s life will be hosted within the walls of the Crabby Joes restaurant on Dundas Street, her place of employment and newfound second home.

Jennifer Dunn, the executive director of the London Abused Women’s Centre, voiced her worries about the echoes this distressing incident may resonate within those she works with, reviving painful memories or currently-lived experiences. However, she maintained respect for the continuing police investigation, withholding any further comment.

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