Local Hockey League PCHIL plays for WIAIH


On November 25th 2018 during WIAIH’s annual Holiday brunch, Karl Erfle along with fellow organizers Jamie Collister and Wade Manricks of the Pointe-Claire Intermediate Hockey League presented a $14,000 donation to WIAIH’s executive director, Lyne Charlebois. The funds were raised through donations, raffles and registrations during the 39th annual hockey tournament which took place from April 25th to 29th. Participants from the WIAIH community were present for the ceremonial puck drop as well as attended games and held a kiosk on-site.

“The Pointe-Claire Intermediate Hockey League (PCIHL) is proud to contribute $14,000 of our annual tournament proceeds to WIAIH. We share in their volunteer-run development of a strong community, and love of fun and play. As chairman, I am honoured to represent the 600 hockey players of our tournament in congratulating WIAIH on their 60th year! We look forward to our 40th annual PCIHL Tournament to be held April 24th to 28th 2019, together with the participation of WIAIH.” says Karl Erfle, PCHIL Tournament Chairman.


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