Local guitar musician/teacher opens up about his love of the six string


by Jon Rosner

I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. Who knew that 24 years later I’d still be playing and still be just as passionate. I guess what’s even more intriguing is that I don’t remember much before the day I first held a guitar. The power of the instrument took me from day one and ever since then my free time was gladly occupied with mastering this instrument.

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Since that day, I’ve gone on to study music and play in many bands. I have performed at great venues and have had the pleasure of teaching several generations of students. I remember how nervous I was teaching my first lesson but equally remember how rewarding it was when that student left with something they had always wanted to play.


As I grew, I started realizing how important it was for me to learn a musical instrument through the students I taught. Teaching students what they have seen some cool rocker playing on YouTube and being able to transfer this to their fingertips is truly rewarding for me. I have a role in inspiring creativity and creating future musicians.


There is a flip side to this story if you’re an adult finally wanting to learn. The oldest student I’ve had was in his 70’s. He was so nervous coming to his first lesson but left feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately with adults I always here the same sentence. “I really wish I started playing when I was younger.” I always respond with the same answer. I explain the amount of things that I always wanted to learn. For example, I wanted to learn how to skate, I always wanted to learn how to surf and I’m still trying to find time to learn how to fix a car so I could stop spending mega bucks on car repair. “In life we have to make choices and we can’t do it all but the great thing about it is, that it’s never too late and I’ll help with the process.” A lot of adults come enjoy a lesson as a decompression from their long day of work. It keeps the brain stimulated but yet the music relaxes the soul.


That being said, I hope you find time to pick up a musical instrument. Whether it is for a hobby, a career or for a dream, the possibilities are endless and there’s so much great music to learn.


Jon Rosner is a  seasoned, classically trained guitarist (by none other than the world-renowned Patrick Kearney), and a self-employed musician and teacher. His signature style, groovy licks, prodigious pop-slapping, and lightning-speed picking, honed over 20 plus years of playing, has allowed him to share stages with some of the best musicians in North America. Rosner’s skills also lead him to the #1 spot in Canada for the 2013 Roland/Boss Loop Station Competition, landing him in the Top 10 worldwide, an incredible achievement in the competitive looping field. For more information on his teaching style, email  jonathanrosner1@gmail.com or visit http://jonrosnermusic.com/.