Lobster-Themed Monster Truck Rattles Maine Fair, Toppling Power Lines and Injuring Spectators


A riveting monster truck performance at the Topsham Fairgrounds in Maine took a dramatic turn when a lobster-themed monster truck veered into aerial power lines, causing multiple utility poles to crash down and sending two spectators to the hospital, detailed the local police department. Several others in attendance suffered minor injuries amidst the ensuing chaos.

Amid the roars of the crowd and the scent of burnt rubber, the event took place on an idyllic Saturday afternoon. All eyes were on a unique and quirky monster truck, affectionately known as Crushstation, modeled after a lobster and stealing the show with its outlandish design. However, when it bounced on a ramp and ascended into the air, it grazed a power line overhead, setting in motion a harrowing sequence of events that were unforeseen by all.

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Those nearby did everything they could to escape as the jolted wire, in an almost domino-like effect, toppled several utility poles and a transformer right next to the packed grandstands. Live electric wires danced menacingly on the ground, adding to the panic.

According to the Topsham police, two people were swiftly transported to a nearby hospital, while several others suffered minor injuries in the pandemonium. Miraculously, the driver of Crushstation escaped unscathed.

One spectator, Mike Hersom, who was attending the event with his three-year-old son, narrowly evaded being hit by the falling transformer. Still visibly shaken, he shared his harrowing experience. He recalled looking on in abject terror before springing into action to move to a safer location. As he now reflects on the incident, the full impact of just how close he and his son came to the danger only just sinking in.

“Holy smokes. That’s crazy,” he stated on Sunday, after viewing a video of the incident. It was then that he could truly register the magnitude of their close escape.

The Crushstation – an amusing portmanteau referencing crustaceans – is a hometown pride, originating from Maine itself. However, despite the eventful incident, representatives of the truck’s owners were not immediately available for a comment when reached out via email on Sunday. Similarly, the event’s promoter remained undeterred by the misaligned spectacle, refraining from any immediate response.