Lobster Heist Shakes Sleepy Nova Scotia Village, Perpetrators on the Loose


Earlier this month, Nova Scotia’s serene Digby County was disrupted by an alleged assault on a local wharf. RCMP officers are vigorously searching for several suspects involved in the crime that unfolded in the small, idyllic village of Weymouth North, located approximately 30 kilometres from Digby.

On the evening of August 2nd, a report of assault and theft stirred the normally quiet coast. According to police, a quartet of individuals audaciously swiped a crate brimming with lobster from a boat moored at the local wharf.

The suspects, it is said, were confronted by the owner of the purloined lobster crate. Thrown into disarray by the confrontation, they hastily discarded their ill-gotten haul back into the inviting embrace of the sea. Bizarrely, they then chose to hurl the now-empty crate at the owner, striking his arm. Hot-footing from the scene of the crime, the group made a swift exit in a boat, vanishing into the safety of night.

Since that fateful night, the local RCMP have been tirelessly investigating the incident. Despite their best efforts, the perpetrators remain unidentified. In a desperate bid to jog local memories, RCMP released two photographs of the group, taken on the day of the incident.

Three men and a woman appear to be the prime suspects, although no official descriptions have been provided. As the net of justice slowly tightens, the police appeal to the public for help. Anyone holding information about the incident is encouraged to reach out to the Digby RCMP at 902-245-2579 or alternatively, Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers can be contacted at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). As it stands, in the tranquil lanes and wharfs of Digby County, justice waits patiently.


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