Liverpool House


There is no shortage of restaurants in Montreal. Every year a new batch seem to pop up,  some live up to their expectations and endure the test of time whereas others seem to fade into to the background. Though I love dining at new restaurants, there are a few that have become staples. In my opinion, Liverpool house fits the bill as a Montreal classic.

Liverpool house finds itself on Notre Dame street and though there are many restaurants on this stretch of road, Liverpool house was one of the first to occupy this coveted and now trendy address. 10 years ago two friends, Chefs Frederic Morin and David McMillan opened Joe Beef. Montreal-ers were quick to open their hearts (and stomachs) to Joe Beef, and a few short years after Frederic and David opened Liverpool House next door.

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Liverpool house is hands down one of the coolest, most relaxed Montreal restaurants. The restaurant has a long bar, and the décor is laid back. Diners benefit from an extensive wine list and an equally as impressive menu and oyscreen-shot-2017-01-04-at-8-41-10-pmster selection to match. If you are a fan of Joe Beef you can expect to see some of the same favorites such as the lobster pasta on the menu. Liverpool house serves dishes with a variety of influences, but the most prominent one being French. The best part is how they play on that influence, always unexpected! The menu is large, with enough dishes to satisfy an array of palettes. If you are a return diner, you can always expect a surprise as their “chalkboard items” which are kindly explained by the wait staff are always changing and made with seasonal ingredients.

The starters chosen upon this visit were the breakfast sandwich and stuffed mushroom. Though many would argue a breakfast item has no place at the dinner table, this one is perfectly suited for the p.m. and a total culinary delight.  An English muffin sandwich comes stuffed with foie gras, bacon and a runny egg topped off with a thick hollandaise-like sauce and maple syrup. Though rich, the marriage between the sweets syrup, salty bacon and creamy egg and creates a dish that wishes you did not order it to share. The stuffed mushrooms were equally as delightful with a bread and sausage stuffing. No visit to Liverpool house is complete without their lobster pasta, therefore it was the main to follow. This pasta is creamy, without being too rich and has a generous helping of lobster meat (the best part). Also ordered was the 1lb sirloin complimented by a side dish of potatoes with caramelized onions and chives in a savoury gravy. Tip: to avoid reaching over to taste everyone’s dish at your tables (you’ll be tempted), order the meals to share, it’s actually encouraged at Liverpool House and quite frankly the best way to dine in my opinion…unless you want my fork in your dish of course!

Despite my sweet tooth, I never seem to have room for desert and that is simply because the portions are so generous. Not only do the dishes deliver flavour…. they are rustic in their presentation and sizes (no pretentious small portions here!). The next time you’re looking for great eats in the city…. head to Liverpool house. Bring your significant other on a date, take your out of town friends or a group of your best friends. They will be satisfied and sure to come back for more!

Liverpool House

2501 Rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC H3J 1N6

Phone: (514) 313-6049

(it’s a hot spot…make a reservation!)