Live Feed Cam in National Park Sparks Hiker’s Unexpected Rescue Mission


In a riveting turn of events, a live video feed, stationed in one of America’s national parks, incited a rescue mission, saving a solitary hiker who found himself marooned and in duress. The incident occurred on the 5th of September at Alaska’s Katmai National Park, where an online camera had been established by

The real-time broadcast caught an unforeseen incident that unfolded right in front of the lens. The distressed hiker, visibly soaked from rainfall and sporting a baffled countenance, walked into the camera’s view. He capitalised on this fortuitous moment, fervently appealing into the camera, nurturing a glimmer of hope that someone would heed his call for assistance.

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“He implored ‘Help, I don’t know which direction to go,'” revealed Candice Rusch,’s director of new media, in an interaction with CTV National News. Her initial response was the deliberate suppression of panic, which enabled her to verify the unfolding situation truly at hand.

Ironically, Chelsea Pruitt, an ardent bear enthusiast, happened to be streaming the live feed at that exact moment, with the intent to spot bears, only to chance upon a plot twist of human significance.

Upon hearing the hiker’s poignant plea for help, a rescue team was promptly dispatched. They were successful in pinpointing his location and reaching him in the span of two hours, as confirmed by Pruitt. This miraculous turn of events brought about a heartening conclusion to what could have been a potential tragedy.

Katmai National Park’s officials have been cooperative and pledged to facilitate a comprehensive investigation into the unexpected incident.

Rusch expressed her profound gratitude, acknowledging the pivotal role of the live feed cameras that were unanticipatedly in the right place at the right time.