Live.Casino Adds Hundreds of New Live Dealer Casino Games


Why settle for playing at a so-so casino that doesn’t frequently update its gaming library? You don’t have to. There are plenty of top online casinos out there that regularly add new titles to their portfolios and collections.  While these sites are renowned for adding new slots almost daily, how do they compare when it comes to adding live casino games? This is topic is worth exploring further, which we aim to do with this brief guide.

If your purpose in visiting a gambling site is to experience the live dealer games, you may notice that new titles don’t appear as frequently as, say, slot machines. Just because new live dealer games don’t appear as regularly as slot machines and RNG (random number generator) table games doesn’t mean that casinos shouldn’t periodically update their libraries when they can, though. After all, the more live dealer games that debut at a site, the more choice you will have, making it less likely that you’ll grow bored. The more games you can choose from, the more likely will find a table game with a wagering range that works for you.

What Can I Play?

Ultimately, the more casino games an online casino has to offer and the more regularly it updates its library, the better things will be for you. One of the casinos that do exceptionally well with this and recently added hundreds of new games is Live Casino. A quick visit to this casino, for instance, showcases that they feature live dealer games from a host of different suppliers and developers. Moreover, these games span multiple genres. These include baccarat and blackjack games, roulette and table poker titles, dice games, money wheel and gameshow releases and much more besides.

The Importance of New Releases

How important is it that live casino sites regularly add new games to their arsenal? We’ve already discussed some of these points in detail above. However, let us look at all the primary reasons why you should only play at casinos that regularly add new games. They include:

  • A casino that consistently updates its live dealer collection is less likely to become stagnate and stale to players.
  • Live casinos that regularly add new games are most likely going to be those that feature software from a plethora of providers.
  • The more games a live casino has, the more likely you will find a table with an agreement wagering range.
  • A greater array of games increased the likelihood that you’ll find a blackjack, blackjack or roulette variant that spices up gameplay or that is mobile-friendly.
  • Live dealer sites that host new games continually will likely feature tournaments and bonuses for you to use on them.

Alternative Options

If we had to suggest somewhere, we’d naturally say that is best suited for playing live dealer games. After all, the clue is in their name. However, they are not the only top live dealer casino that consistently offers new games. There are many other top sites out there for you to explore, each with its own pros and perks.


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