Live Aid Concert to Be Reimagined as Musical at London’s Old Vic Theatre


The iconic 1985 Live Aid benefit concert, renowned for its pivotal role in famine relief, is poised to stretch its melodious arms into the theatrical world. Spearheaded by charitable champions Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, the legendary Wembley Stadium concert is slated for metamorphosis into a stage musical to be unveiled in London’s Old Vic Theatre next year.

The theatrical work, evocatively titled ‘Just For One Day’, aims to strike a harmonious chord with its audience by juxtaposing the historic chronicles that orchestrated Band Aid and Live Aid with a heartwarming love story inspired by real incidents. In this vibrant symphony of art, audience members can expect to find resonant echoes of classic numbers originally performed by musical luminaries like Queen, U2, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Sting.

At the heart of it, Geldof clarifies, will be authenticity. There won’t be a parade of tribute artists or impersonators – rather, it’s a celebration of the songs themselves, integral to storytelling and driving the dramatic impulses of the musical.

The project, co-conceived by John O’Farrell, the creative mind behind the Mrs. Doubtfire musical, and Luke Sheppard of ‘& Juliet’ fame, secures the direct approval of the Band Aid Charitable Trust. An ethical nod towards its origins, the Trust is set to receive a tenth of every ticket sale.

Geldof, along with other Band Aid Trustees, cautiously embarked on their theatrical journey, attending workshops to ensure an accurate and compelling essence. Their approval was won over by the raw potential they witnessed, endorsing the production wholeheartedly. Part of this immersive experience involves a performance by English actor Craige Els, who has been tasked with portraying Geldof himself on the mesmerizing stage of London’s theatre district.

Live Aid’s original initiative, splendidly harmonized in Wembley and Philadelphia, broke barriers as it brought transformative conversations about humanitarianism to the foreground. The concert’s stellar lineup boasted industry stalwarts like Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and The Who, making it an unforgettable experience that has since provided a roadmap for countless charity concerts.

The forthcoming musical promises a fresh approach to an unforgettable day, acting as an effective conduit to keep Live Aid’s legacy pulsating in the public consciousness. Geldof embraces this opportunity to inspire future generations to harness the power of unity and action.

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