Lionel Messi Enters Crypto World, Promotes Solana’s Watercoin


Lionel Messi has taken a surprising turn off the soccer field and into the volatile world of cryptocurrency, leaving many to ponder whether his latest endeavor is a genuine opportunity or just another scam. On Tuesday, July 9, Messi used his Instagram stories to promote Watercoin, a memecoin based on the Solana blockchain. This endorsement quickly generated a buzz among traders eager to see if the coin would succeed against the odds or end up like many other failed celebrity-backed ventures. According to CoinMarketCap, Watercoin has already positioned itself as the top gainer on Solana.

Unlike many celebrity-endorsed tokens that appear to offer little more than a boost to their promoters’ egos, Watercoin sets itself apart with a mission to raise awareness and provide solutions for ecological issues, specifically water-related challenges. Its roadmap outlines an ambitious trajectory, beginning with an initial token presale and moving through phases that include centralized exchange listings and further celebrity partnerships, ultimately aiming to transition into a “charity-focused environmental currency.”

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However, history has shown that meme coins, particularly those linked to celebrities, often fail to live up to their promises. Examples abound: Kim Kardashian faced a $1.26 million fine for not disclosing a $250,000 payment to promote EthereumMax, which led to a legal battle and the dismissal of a class action lawsuit involving her and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Steven Seagal settled with the SEC for $314,000 after failing to disclose a $1 million payment for promoting Bitcoiin2Gen. Paris Hilton promoted LydianCoin, which later faced legal scrutiny for misleading investors.

Adding to the cautionary tales, UFC fighter Khamzat Chimaev recently ventured from the octagon into the crypto world, only to see his efforts collapse dramatically. His Solana-based memecoin, Smash, named after his rallying cry “Smash Everyone,” saw its value plummet by 94% within hours of its release. Despite a promotional video where Chimaev enthusiastically encouraged his followers to “smash together,” his manager later clarified that Chimaev was not directly involved in promoting the coin.

The crypto market remains plagued by wild swings, scams, pump-and-dump schemes, low liquidity, and the potential for rapid devaluation. While Messi’s global popularity gives Watercoin a significant boost, it does not protect against these inherent risks. Investors are urged to conduct thorough research and remain cautious of hype-driven investments.

The essential question remains: Can Watercoin fulfill its ecological promises, or will it join the ranks of high-profile celebrity crypto failures? The outcome is yet to be determined, leaving both Messi and potential investors to ponder the future of this latest memecoin venture.