Lightning’s Joseph Eats Fries, Curds And Gravy Off Stanley Cup


Many aspiring hockey players long for a chance to drink champagne from the Stanley cup. Others, like Mathieu Joseph, would rather eat fries, curds and gravy off of the cup.

Last Sunday was joseph’s chance to enjoy the Stanley Cup, and although the Canadiens lost the title in the finals, he used his chance to enjoy some of Quebec’s flavors. He had fries, cheese curds and gravy.

However, that Sunday wasn’t just about chowing down on some food. Joseph, who had some childhood north of Montréal took the trophy to a few local hangouts.

He also used the opportunity to speak to local kids and pass the message of hard work. Kevin Riopel, President of Montréal’s North hockey, stated that joseph’s message would help boost local sports in their neighborhood.


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