Liberals not doing best to protect Canadians from Gun-related violence


Advocates of gun control have taken the liberal to task over what they say is their failure to honor the promise that they will keep all Canadians safe.

Over the last 30 years, Nathalie Provost has fought for stricture gun rules. She was part of the group that was injured when a gunman went to Ecole Polytechnique, on the 6th of December, 1989.

She remembers the incident, specifically the fact that the gunman had a modified magazine that allowed him to fire 30 bullets in under 2 minutes. She adds that the gunman hit her four times, twice in the leg, once in the foot while the fourth bullet hit her forehead.

That incident took the life of 14 other students, and since then, there has been increasing demand for gun control.

As result of a recent shooting in Montreal, the city’s mayor, Valarie Plante, is also asking Ottawa to take extra steps.

The liberals brought a bill to parliament last February that would amend gun control laws including instituting a voluntary buy-back program for a list of guns that are currently on the prohibited list, although Provost feels this fall short of what really need to happen.

It is not clear where other federal parties stand on this matter. Conservative would like to see the criminal code expanded so that there are harsher sentences for those smuggling firearms.

The NDP promised to give more support to community programs aimed at preventing gang violence and curbing organized crime.


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