Liberal MPs Demand Urgent Housing Action, Intensify Dialogues at Caucus Retreat


Liberal MPs commenced their arrival in London, Ontario for a party’s caucus retreat—ahead of the anticipated arrival of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—with a resounding chorus demanding urgent action towards housing issues and enhanced clarity on their policy communications.

Contradicting concerns over the summer polls which showcased Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives in the lead, most MPs confidently diffused such apprehensions. Trudeau, after an encountered delay in India, is scheduled to join the caucus conference on Wednesday, following meetings held by the Liberal women’s caucus, Indigenous caucus, and rural caucus on Tuesday.

The housing crisis stood as a pressing topic among the caucus members. Arielle Kayabaga, MP for London West, shared personal insights on the issue, expressing her disappointment on the persistent lack of housing solutions, noting the intricacies and multiple entities involved. Despite her status as an elected official, she hasn’t been able to secure homeownership. Kayabaga, a former refugee and single mother for 14 years, stressed the urgent necessity for increased housing options for Canadians.

Brossard-Saint-Lambert MP, Alexandra Mendes echoed the sentiment, acknowledging the challenges in articulating a comprehensive housing plan resonating with the public. Regardless, she reassured that a robust government plan targeting all housing issues was in place.

Likewise, Mississauga-Erin Mills MP, Iqra Khalid highlighted the complexities of the affordability crisis, extending beyond housing to overall livelihoods. The MP praised the impacts of the early learning childcare program on her constituency whilst emphasizing that despite Canada’s global ranking, many citizens continue to struggle, necessitating further government intervention.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly reiterated the difficulty first-time homebuyers experience and assured of forthcoming crucial conversations on the matter under the guidance of a newly-appointed minister.

Discussions around poll numbers and Pierre Poilievre also emerged. Mendes painted a picture of global dissatisfaction with governments, attributing it to changes experienced worldwide. The MP expressed confidence that, when faced with options, voters would choose the government that has consistently supported them.

Fredericton MP, Jenica Atwin also downplayed the significance of polls, focusing instead on local developments. She criticized Poilievre’s over-simplified messaging around complex issues and advocated for a more fact-driven communication strategy that highlighted the team’s progress.

Emphasizing the government’s achievements over its eight-year tenure linked with the needs of Canadians, Joly reassured that the government will continue its endeavor to be good public servants. The government had significant progress previously, yet the scope for improvements remained, she stated and also emphasized on critically evaluating Pierre Poilievre’s propositions.

Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, Marci Ien stressed the importance of communication that demonstrates thorough understanding of the public’s needs and responsiveness towards their concerns.

Echoing the sentiment, Mendes admitted the government’s lack of aggressiveness in promoting its achievements and expressed the need for improving its communication strategy with Canadians.

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