Liberal Democrats Eye Resurgence with Strategic Focus on Target Seats and Key Issues


In the political sphere, the Liberal Democrats are finding resurgence, eight years after bearing witness to their fleeting disappearance post their coalition government phase with the Conservatives. Their well-defined product in the political market is targeting the Tories, primarily rooted in the south west and south east of England.

This precision in pursuit of potential seats has amplified the Lib Dem’s influence in political discourse. Despite comprising 15 MPs, a mere 2.3% of Parliament, a sequence of by-election triumphs versus the Conservatives has unsettled many from the latter.

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The frequency of referencing speaks much about a leader’s political strategy. A headcount reveals Ed Davey referred to the Conservatives 27 times in his party conference speech in Bournemouth. Labour bagged a mere three mentions.

Seniors view their last general election performance as disastrous. The party received 3.7 million nods, securing an 11.5% share and 11 seats, which constitutes a drop from 2017.

Sir Ed believes the party’s vastness at the 2019 elections was its downfall, as majority support requires geographical concentration, and not random sprinkling of votes across regions. Consequently, unfocused ambitions are now viewed as enemy territory.

The party hasn’t announced the number of seats it targets for the forthcoming general election, although it is highly probable to be within the range of 30-40 seats. Recently, council elections and by-elections had the party strategists expand the number, but they carry the load of the 2019 mishap.

With a political spotlight on the Conservatives, and an eye on regions that voted for Leave in the EU referendum, the old comfort zones for Lib Dems are abandoned. Along with it has perished the full-blooded condemnation of Brexit and the imposition of taxes. Instead, the new focus is on the NHS, the cost of living and sewage overflow in rivers and seas.

The strategy is customized for each place, with these three issues acting as the lynchpin. The national share of the Liberal Democrat votes has remained static, as per polls, from the previous general election. However, they hope to strike through regional and political targeting, hoping to gather the needed muscle to gain foothold in 30 to 40 places.

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