Lesbian Couple Sues Crown Casino for Discrimination


In a controversial case that has stirred concerns about discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, a lesbian couple has initiated legal proceedings against Crown Resorts, G4S security personnel, and the state government of Victoria, Australia. The couple alleges that they were unjustly targeted, arrested, and physically mistreated by security officers at Melbourne’s prominent Crown Casino.

The dispute harks back to a 2019 incident at the luxurious Lumia bar within the casino complex. Sharon Cosgrove, along with her partner, reportedly shared a benign expression of affection—a light kiss—which, according to their testimony, precipitated immediate action from casino security. Five personnel swiftly intervened, demanding the couple’s departure on grounds of alleged intoxication—a claim vehemently denied by Cosgrove and her associate, who argue discrimination was at play.

The encounter escalated after the couple consented to finish their beverages, even as they endured what has been described as ongoing harassment from the cadre of guards encircling them. The situation deteriorated further when Cosgrove was forcibly detained and handcuffed by the guards. She describes being conspicuously paraded across the casino en route to a lower level holding area, before her subsequent handover to the local police force.

Cosgrove’s subsequent two-hour detention by Victoria Police led to an altercation in which she sustained significant injuries, including a leg wound necessitating 14 stitches, and claims to have endured lasting physical and psychological trauma.

The unfolding legal battle presents multiple charges against the involved parties, including accusations of battery, assault, false imprisonment, and wrongful arrest. Cosgrove and her legal representation are seeking restitutionary damages for the physical and psychological harm suffered, as well as financial compensation for work missed during her recovery process. The precise compensation sought remains unspecified.

This lawsuit transcends individual grievances, according to Cosgrove’s representation, heralding a deeper quest for equality and the protection of human dignity. With their lawsuit, the couple seeks not only personal justice but also to affirm the rights of all individuals to fairness and judgment-free enjoyment of public spaces.

Representatives from Crown, G4S Security, and the Victoria state government have been sparing in their comments regarding the ongoing legal matter. Crown Resorts has publicly committed to resolutely contest the claims but refrains from extensive elaboration due to the active legal status of the case.

While the legal drama unfolds, conversations about recreational and gaming environments continue to evolve, highlighting the importance of a safe, inclusive atmosphere for all patrons. In keeping with the spirit of responsible entertainment, it is worth noting that as society navigates these complex issues, many are turning to online alternatives for their gaming experiences. Providing a secure and non-discriminatory option, online casinos have become a popular choice.

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