Lego Pledges Unwavering Dedication to Sustainability Despite Recycled Plastic Setback


Global toymaking giant, Lego, reaffirmed its commitment towards minimizing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability on Monday. It resolved to persevere in its hunt for eco-friendly materials, notwithstanding a setback in a recent experiment where the objective was to utilize recycled bottles.

The Denmark-based company resolved not to continue with its initiative to fabricate its iconic multi-hued bricks from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles. Despite over two years of rigorous testing, it was established that this specific material did not contribute to cutting down carbon emissions.

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However, this hiccup has done little to deter the resolve of the toymaker. Lego remains unswerved in its ambition of manufacturing Lego bricks from sustainable materials by the year 2032. A couple of years back, the organization, which currently utilizes oil-based plastic for its bricks, commenced research into the possibilities of transitioning to PET plastic. This plastic offers the advantage of not degrading in quality upon recycling.

In a move to usher in more sustainable materials, Lego disclosed that it had invested in excess of $1.2 billion in various sustainability initiatives. These endeavours are aimed to facilitate a 37% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2032.

Lego also added that at present, they were in the process of examining and cultivating Lego bricks fashioned from a myriad of alternative, sustainable materials. The list includes other types of recycled plastics as well as plastics derived from alternate sources such as e-methanol. Notably, e-methanol or green methanol is produced using waste carbon dioxide and hydrogen, obtained from water molecules using renewable energy.

The company plans on the continued usage of bio-polypropylene, a biologically sustainable variant of the widely used polyethylene plastic in constituent parts such as leaves, trees, among other Lego set accessories.

As a fosterer of long-term ecological aspirations, Lego professes this approach will stimulate the production of more sustainable raw materials like recycled oils and be instrumental in their transition towards more sustainable materials.

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