Lego Abandons Recycled Bottles, Continues Pursuit for Sustainable Brick Production


In a notable shift from its earlier sustainability goals, the renowned toy manufacturer Lego has recently abandoned its initiative of producing bricks from recycled bottles. This departure comes as an unexpected hurdle to the company’s aspirations of curbing carbon emissions, previously announced in 2021, of moving away from using crude oil in brick production within a two year span.

The change of direction was propelled by the revelation that using recycled materials proved unfruitful in reducing carbon emissions. Even after more than two years of rigorous experimentation with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from bottles, augmented with specific chemicals, the projected environmental benefit remained elusive.

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Despite the setback, Lego remains unflinchingly committed to the cause of sustainability. While many of their bricks are still created from virgin plastic derived from crude oil, named acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), Lego is actively engaged in extensive research for robust and sustainable alternatives. This is a path impressed upon them by a growing consumer demand for ecologically responsible products.

The conundrum for Lego lies in the challenge of locating a sustainable material that possesses the durability to endure generations, a hallmark of Lego bricks. The company’s Chief Executive, Niels Christiansen, has candidly discussed the difficulty in locating a “magic material” that could address Lego’s sustainability challenges, despite a thorough exploration of hundreds of materials.

The company’s spokesperson maintained their dedication to producing Lego bricks from sustainable materials by 2032. Evidencing this commitment, Lego is investing over $1.2bn in sustainability initiatives from 2021 to 2025. All these determined efforts are channelled towards transitioning to sustainable materials and cutting Lego’s carbon emissions by 37% come 2032.

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