Lego Abandons Project Using Recycled Bottles, Redoubling Sustainability Efforts


In an unforeseen twist, leading toy manufacturer Lego announced the abandonment of their project to fabricate their iconic bricks from recycled bottles. The decision comes as a disappointment in light of the company’s ongoing mission to reduce carbon emissions.

Aiming to veer away from using crude oil in its brick production by 2023, the firm instead turned to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, working meticulously to refine bricks from this material. However, on revealing the venture’s progress, Lego admitted the shift to the new material failed to cut carbon emissions, mainly due to the additional steps tied to its production process, which inadvertently demanded extra energy inputs.

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Lego, which produces a staggering variety of 4,400 bricks, largely utilizes virgin plastic derived from crude oil – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) in manufacturing them. This abrupt shift from a sharp focus on transitioning towards sustainable alternatives stands out, especially given the significant welcomed attention that Lego’s eco-conscious endeavor attracted.

Sustainability remains a top priority for countless businesses worldwide, much like ours. The challenge, as Lego experienced firsthand, lies in identifying a substitute as durable as plastic, capable of withstanding the test of time. The journey towards sustainability is no less than a labyrinth, with no “magic material” that can readily address the complexities that surface, as articulated by Lego’s chief executive, Niels Christiansen.

Despite this setback, Lego continues to echo its staunch commitment towards sustainable practices, specifically through transitioning to environmental-friendly materials for their bricks. The toy behemoth is heavily investing in sustainability-focused initiatives, with over $1.2 billion set aside for the cause by 2025.

Working towards a 37% reduction in their carbon emissions by 2032, the company is enthusiastically exploring a range of potential alternatives. It unfailingly demonstrates an impressive resolve, undeterred by the challenges it encounters along the way.

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