Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis’ Las Vegas Home Up for Public Auction


Deep within the heart of the historic Scotch 80s neighborhood of Las Vegas, the home that provided a sanctuary for the illustrious comedian Jerry Lewis for a stretch of 35 years, is scheduled to open its doors to the public with a glimmer of jest and a dash of nostalgia. The revered abode will be up for bidding, as if on a performance stage, on the 29th of June, from 2 to 4 p.m. PT, in a grand auction akin to an open house spectacle.

Those who wish to enter and partake in this veritable spectacle must first pre-qualify or provide valid proof of funds, as per statements from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. With the melodious sound of the starting auction bell chiming at $999,999, the dance of digits would begin, though the actual reserve price holds its secret close.

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Jerry Lewis, christened as Joseph Levitch in Newark, New Jersey, had been a fixture in the house since 1982, the year he purchased it. He shared the household’s joys and tribulations with his wife, SanDee “Sam” Lewis, up until his earthly departure in August 2017. The cause was cardiac disease, the very same ailment from which so many laughs throughout his noted comedic career provided a temporary escape, both for him and the countless individuals he touched.

Notwithstanding, the memories of Lewis have long since been packed away and sold; the artifacts that were part of his personal archive were auctioned off in 2018. The house, nonetheless, still boasts its original character. The property, located at 1701 Waldman Ave, sprawls over 7,925 square feet and encloses six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Erected originally in 1964 on three-quarters of an acre, the house is a testament to Las Vegas’ humble beginnings. Its locale got its name “Scotch 80s” when the city’s pioneering mayor, Peter Buol, acquired 80 acres of land in 1911 with financial backing from Scottish investors.

Fast forward to the decades later, Jerry Lewis, who was celebrated for his uproarious comedic exploits with Martin in the legendary “Martin and Lewis” duo and his quirky cinematic offerings such as “The Nutty Professor”, gave the property a touch of Hollywood glamour.

In the wake of Lewis’ passing, his widow transferred ownership of their home to an investor, Jane Popple, who specializes in celebrity estate turnovers, for $1.2 million in 2019. Subsequently, Popple orchestrated an auction of the home’s remaining personal effects and sold the Lewis estate to Blooming Desert LLC for $1.4M in 2021.

Led by Ido Gavish and Todd Butwinick, Blooming Desert LLC infused modern upgrades into the property, all while retaining original elements, such as a crystal chandelier – a personal import of Lewis from France, a petrified wood fireplace, and a vintage wooden bar/lounge reminiscent of the exuberant 1960s.

However, things took a turn in 2023 when Blooming Desert failed to fulfill its mortgage obligations and underwent foreclosure proceedings. The Lewis estate was subsequently transferred to Brumbles Capital, a private lending company, by Nevada Trust Deed Services. As it stands, it’s believed Brumbles Capital retains the ownership till date. While the curtain may have fallen on its illustrious former owner, Jerry Lewis’ home continues to echo with the sound of laughter, as it awaits its next chapter.