Legault to Make an Announcement of Tuesday Probably regarding Public Health Measures


Quebec’s Premier is set to make an announcement on Tuesday regarding the COVID-19 situation. However, no clue has yet been released regarding what he will be announcing.

On Monday night, Christian Dube, the Health Minister, and Horacio Arruda, the head of Public Health, appeared at a press conference but did not indicate what Premier Legault will be talking about.

However, the press conference will be live at 5 p.m., which has been noted to be when public health measures announcements are made. Tuesday’s announcement will come as the province continues to contend with the third wave of COVID-19.

So far, the province’s active cases exceed 10 000, while 1,252 were reported on Monday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Quebec has lost 10 697 people to COVID-19.

The announcement will also come as the province record a drop in the daily vaccination against the virus. On Sunday, on 22, 494 doses were administered through previous days; more than 40 000 doses were administered daily. So far, Quebec has administered a total of 1 552 215 doses.


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