Legault Shuns Media At CAQ Convention, Boasts About Nationalist Credentials


Francois Legault’s government thinks of itself as a bulwark against radical elements that are working to oppose its immunization and health measures against the Coronavirus.

In a strongly worded nationalistic speech presented last Sunday at Convention in Quebec City, the premier emphasized the need to avoid at a time when the country is fighting a pandemic.

However, the speech did not allude to the crisis facing the health sector, with some hospitals forced to shut down because if inadequate staff numbers.

He addressed questions from the youth, but refused to speak to local media.

He did not shy away from saying that the CAQ would align itself with nationalistic ideologies in the 2022 elections as the only party that stands up for national issues.

On the eve of federal elections, the premier noted that political parties had, on many occasioned, bragged about presenting solutions on health, which is the province’s responsibility. He also denounced the lack of action and willingness on the part of certain parties to increase Quebec’s federal health transfers.


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