Legault Criticized for not being in touch with Housing Realities in Montreal


Quebec Solidare calls on Premier Francois Legault to be in touch with the actual cost of rent in the province. The conversation started when Laugult suggested that the rent in Montreal goes about $500 to $600.

Manon Masse, Quebec spokesperson in the National Assembly on Wednesday, asked Legault the price of an apartment in Montreal. Legault responded, saying that it depends on the size of an apartment but stands at $500 to $600 in a month.

Masses posted on Twitter that on the rentals.ca websites, 337 apartments listed out of 1 759 are $1000 per month or lower, but only sit of them went below $600. Legault responded, “Good luck finding.”

On Thursday, Legault criticized the media for misinterpreting his comment. Legault said he was very stung, a proud middle class, and he has remained close to people.
He added that he was talking about a student who has to share the apartment with colleagues.

“If that wasn’t clear, I apologize. It’sIt’s unqualified what some journalist have written.”

Masse, however, affirmed that the Quebec government should recognize that there is a problem, meet those affected and possibly pass an affordable housing motion.

Quebec Solidare has already begun mobilizing the public to speak about the housing crisis in Quebec. The party organized demonstrations last weekend. The party affirmed that it would continue highlighting the lack of affordable housing in Quebec.

Montreal housing advocate organization also criticized Legault’sLegault’s comments saying that he is in touch with the real cost of living in the province. In their social media post, the organization highlighted how the Premier lacks connections to the realities.

“In the midst of a housing crisis, this response from the premier confirms the perception that organizations defending the right to housing have lack of interest and ignorance, not to speak of discrimination from the realities experienced by tenants.”

The Canadian Quebec cabinet has not also admitted there is a housing crisis; Legault declined to free rent in 2021.

No member of the CAQ cabinet has admitted a housing crisis. The Premier rejected the idea of a rent freeze in 2021, noting that the province is currently dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


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