Leaked Communication Shows ER Nurse Continued To Serve Patients While Symptomatic For Coronavirus; Hospital Broke A Number Of Health Guidelines


Lakeside Hospital is dealing with the aftermath of a fallout that was occasioned by an unimmunized nurse who continued to work in the ER department even after she caught the COVID-19 virus, a leaked meme also shows.

The memo also confirmed that the hospital broke a number of COVID-19 health guidelines, which led to multiple exposures spanning a number of days.

The memo was written by Montreal’s West Island Social Services Center, noting that unimmunized COVID-19 patients spent hours on stretchers and in the ER between the 20th and 26th of August.

The memo went on to say that an unvaccinated ER nurse, who had contracted the virus, continued to work while fully symptomatic.

Christian Dube, health minister, was question about the Lakeshore Hospital incident during last Tuesday’s press briefing. The minister said it is not clear yet who between the nurse and patient infected the other.

However, he added that the hospital’s situation confirms the need for mandatory immunization for all health workers.


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