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    Access to information should get the survey made public

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    vincent thompson

    Great idea. I do not understand how any resident can be so against a proposal like this.

    These machines are incredibly loud and emit a ridiculous amount of pollution in the air. There is something called a rake that can do just as good a job and yes it involves a bit more elbow grease but I am sure the majority of citizens in Beaconsfield are capable of raking once in awhile. I am sure the landscaping companies can use rakes instead. In my opinion these blowers should be banned all year long. Look at studies from other cities that banned them and noted that there was only a 10 percent increase in time taken.

    I am not surprised the city didn’t release the results as it wouldn’t shock me is many citizens are against this. But I think the city at times has to do the right thing..remember back when nobody wanted pesticides banned because they wanted the perfect (yet unnatural) lawn. In fact there are still residents pouring toxic chemicals on their lawn because heaven forbid they might have a weed grow. We cant always allow the majority to rule as many people always want to take the easy way out of everything. If we had a referendum I am pretty sure everybody wants low taxes, great services, and super social programs. Unfortunately we then end up with politicians who tell us what we want to hear and not the truth.

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      Beaconsfield expanded their pesticide laws in the past year. Just saying….


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