Generous, fresh portions make Le Quartier du Déjeuner a great value in the West Island


By Olivia Kona

If you’ve ever been stateside, you’re familiar with the good-sized and sometimes ginormous food portions served in their restaurants — something you won’t often find in Montreal. Enter Le Quartier du Déjeuner on Sources Boulevard where you’ll find fresh, generously-sized meals that give you value for your dollar.

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Tucked away in a Pointe-Claire strip mall, this little gem of a resto serves breakfast and lunch until 3:00 pm and opens as early as 5:30 am Monday through Friday and a bit later on weekends.

Don’t let its location in an industrial area fool you. Walk in and you’ll feel like you’re in downtown Montreal, up north, or even a small town in Vermont, such is its charm.

Le Quartier du Déjeuner’s healthy-sized portions are revered even by Americans. Chris, the owner’s son, recounted the story of two who popped by one weekend and ordered four portions. They polished them off and Chris was duly impressed.

“They came back, again,” he said. “They had never seen crepes or pancakes so fluffy. In the States they’re a lot sweeter and everything is not as fresh.”

Le Quartier du Déjeuner receives their produce from a farmers’ market daily.

“We tend to run out of stuff pretty quickly so we get it in every day. My father’s been going to the same guy for fruits for years,” said Chris.

I ordered the Western crepe which was filled with an egg omelette of ham, peppers and onions. Cheese is extra, but makes this dish even more tasty. When it arrived, I was taken aback by its size. It was so large that I could only eat half of it at lunchtime. Surprisingly, it was even better when I nuked the second half for dinner.

My dining partners enjoyed, in turn, a burger, club sandwich and broccoli omelette. Each meal, served by a pleasant waitress, was delicious.

To finish the meal, we had the caramel cake, which was included. Not your standard sheet cake, it was flavorful and satisfied the need for a little sweet to see us on our way.

Choose from a selection of ten lunch specials priced between $11.95 and $13.95. Each one includes a soup, main, dessert and coffee.

Le Quartier du Déjeuner is a family owned and operated business and accommodates special events, reservations and pick-up-and-go.

1858 Boulevard des Sources

Pointe-Claire, QC H9R


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