Lawyer Taken Aback That No One Has Sued Over Wave Stanley Park Coyote Attacks


Animal activist and lawyer is asking Vancouver’s Park Board and the city to change how they are dealing with the wave of Coyote attacks at Stanley Park.

Th lawyer, Rebeka Breder, expressed surprise that no one had come out to sue the board.

She noted that killing the animals isn’t the way to go, given six have already been killed in the area, yet there are still attacks.

An elderly person was the most recent victim of the attacks. The senior was bitten last Tuesday in the are near Second Beach. About 24 hours prior, two other people were mauled by the animals.

Breder noted that the city and the Park are exposing themselves to liability by not responding the crisis by employing band aid remedies.

Lesley Fox, executive director of The Fur-Bearers, an animal rights group, admitted before local media that there have been quite a number of Coyote-human encounters. She added that it is surprising that the Park hasn’t shut down.

A mother of five-year-old who was attacked on the 10th of august stated she was surprise at the lack of signage in the area.

Any suit that might be directed at the park would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there was duty of care and a breach od standards of care.


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