We all need a little bit of laughter in these times. Local Montreal comedians Abby Stonehouse and Michelle Dominique are bringing the comedy to you, launching Lawn Laughs: stand up in your backyard.

You can book Lawn Laughs at your next outdoor gathering in which you will be entertained by the best comedians in the city in a safe and hilarious way. Guests will need to follow the Quebec COVID-19 gathering protocols, which includes a maximum of 10 people and preferably no more than 3 households. The guests will be asked to sit 2 metres apart during the show and respect distance from the performers. The performers will bring their own tech set up and will not count as part of the 10 guests. The show is basically curated on a case by case basis in order to fit the needs on who is looking to have them in their backyard; comedic content will be adapted if children are present.

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Abby and Michelle note how the comedy industry has struggled amidst the pandemic.

“Especially the first couple of months, it was completely dead. We didn’t have a stage, we didn’t have an audience, there have been zoom shows, but sometimes there’s a delayed reaction. As a comedian, nothing beats that live audience,”

“But now that things are starting to open back up again, it’s kind of a grey area of what should be allowed or what shouldn’t be allowed but I think it’s piecing itself back together. I think lawn laughs are going to be really interesting moving forward because it’s a new take on performance and that’s the kind of thing that’s going to come out of this” they said.

The show is around 60-75 minutes long with anywhere from 3-5 comedians. The response so far from the public has been encouraging and exciting as they have already booked a show every weekend until the end of August, noting they still have space for more. The comedians further note how this initiative ultimately benefits both themselves and their guests.

“There’s something about everyone laughing and having fun, that’s so real and so pure, and I miss that so much,” Michelle said. “I miss people in general and I think this is going to fill in the need on both ends. It’s so exciting but also scary.”

“This is fully my passion, it was tough being away from it for so long, and because I was such a comedy fan before I know what people are missing. Even if you’re not a comedy fan, it’s kind of a dark and weird time, and I just love that we can provide this for them, and also fill my own void,” noted Abby.

Even after the pandemic settles down, they foresee Lawn Laughs expanding into something bigger.  “we are already talking about next spring and what that’s going to look like,” said Michelle.  Albeit the struggles the comedy industry has dealt with due to COVID-19, they recognize the new opportunities that can materialize in the near future.

The Montreal Comedians are embracing this new opportunity and are ready to get back to work and do what they do best; make people laugh.