Laval native shovels for seniors all across West Island and Montreal


By Rhonda Massad

When Laval native David Aldous started shovelling walkways he had no idea how much demand there would be.

“Ninety five percent of my clients are seniors living at home,” Aldous explained. “For six years I have been building a clientele in the Laval and Montreal area.”

As driveway snow removal companies veer away from shovelling walkways due to time constraints and a lack of cost benefits, Aldous developed a niche market especially amongst seniors.

“Most contractors don’t want to shovel,” he said, “they only want the driveways. I am  the reverse, I only want the walkways.”Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.25.04 PM

Having suffered a heart by pass operation last January, Aldous can relate to being shut in and unable to deal with household maintenance. He also feels a need to give back and has dedicated $5.00 per signed contract to the Colorectal Cancer Association. 

“I know how fast a sickness can take over and keep you from your daily chores, I am hoping to raise $5,000 by December.”

According to Aldous, every contract is unique and his pricing is tailored to each customer’s needs.

“Some people want front and back, upstairs and downstairs,” he continued.

Aldous is starting the season off with 45 clients and has the ability to take on more.  His shovelling teams consist of three people who work on snow days until the work is done.  Pricing starts at $300 but a deal to save $200 can be had on Shoppico.

For more information on how to get in touch with David Aldous contact Group E.W.A. at 514-501-3623 or consult .


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